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See What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Spinal Decompression… and Their Results!


"I Did Physical Therapy, Drugs From My Regular Doctor, Chiropractic, And A Neurologist...All Was Covered By My Insurance, But Didn’t Work…Then I Found Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota."

I had severe back pain and sciatic issues. I was in extreme pain that affected my daily life. I needed help getting out of bed, driving, and I even had to quit my social activities. It was hard to just make it through a day, and I had so much pain and lots of tears. I was skeptical when I heard about Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota, but I was also desperate.

My results were slow, and at the end of the prescribed treatment plan I was definitely better, but not where I needed to be. To my surprise Dr. Lavell extended my treatments, without additional charges until he was satisfied with the outcome, and I was too. He made me feel like he really cared that I needed to get better. That helped me so much. My life is so much better now. I credit my time investment with the program at Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota with my better health today.
-Diane Halquist

"I Had A Badly Herniated L5 Disc, I Was Skeptical…

What If It Didn’t Work? Would I Hurt Worse? What About The Cost? But After The 3rd Or 4th Week I Felt Great! Like A New Man!"

Maplewood spinal decompression testimonial 

I had lower back pain and right sided sciatic nerve pain.  I came to Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota and had a consultation and needed an MRI and had that done.  I had a bulged L4  disc and a badly herniated L5 disc.  Pain wise, I was at about on a scale of 1-10, about a 5, for six months and a 9-10 for a month after month injury.  While I was at my consultation I was a little skeptical at first. Mainly, if the DRX treatments did not work will I be in more pain? And of course, the cost.  But after talking with Dr. Lavell, I was ready to start as he seemed confident he could help me. 

After I started the DRX treatment, within the first 3 or 4 visits, I was already felling relief.  After the 3rd or 4th week I was feeling great, like a new man, sciatic pain was disappearing, and low back pain was about gone.  I really enjoyed the treatment time.   It is a very friendly atmosphere and everyone seemed to care, I wasn’t just another number.  And I forgot how relaxing it was.  It’s not just the DRX though, it’s a whole program and the massage treatments felt great, I have never had a massage before and now I miss having them.  If I ever have another back injury again, I know the first place to call, Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota!
- Blaine Besser

“I Had 2 Surgeries For My Back And Thought I Was Going To ‘Have To Live With It’…”
Maplewood spinal decompression review

I have suffered with severe low back pain and right leg pain for the past nine months and I had previous surgeries in 2002 and 2003 for the same problem.  I went to a chiropractic clinic that had little therapy and no communication.  The problem had only gotten worse.  Then I went on to physical therapy – again, no results.  I had an MRI and went back to my specialist.  She said my MRI was fine.

I had had two surgeries for this problem and both lasted a while before coming back.  Physical therapy also helped some.  I looked around and around, I was very unhappy. Especially since I felt I would have to live with this severe pain. 

My eye kept coming back to this Ad – Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota, and how much they did.  Now, I feel I finally found someone who understood everything I was feeling. They did an extensive examination to find out if they could help.  What impressed me most, was how Dr. Lavell went through and educated myself and my husband on my MRI film and report and clearly defined everything that was happening with my spine and why what they do could help.  After my first few treatments my leg pain was on and off.  It takes a while and you have to follow all directions if you want to heal, but it works!

-Barb Stockburger

P.S.  I will tell everyone who has a problem that are not getting the right kind of help to come and get an examination and see if you qualify for the treatment and plan.  Also, the therapists are great!!!  And very professional.  And they all communicate and listen!!!  I am on my way finally!

"I Had Already Had Multiple Injections To My Back And Surgery That Did Not Work…But After 3 Weeks Of Treatment At Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota, I Had NO Back Pain!"
Spinal Decompression of Minnesota patient testimonial 

I presented with severe back and left leg pain. MRI showed a bulged disc L4-L5 putting pressure on the S1 nerve root. I was injured on the job in 2005 and had back surgery in July of 2006. Surgical discectomy in July of 2006 was successful for nearly a year until it returned with a vengeance. In June of 2007 the pain in the back and leg returned with more severity than before at about an 8-9 out of 10. The surgeon was contemplating spinal fusion. I didn't see this as a viable option. I was very concerned. My options were running out.

I couldn't sleep anymore because of the pain and I was to the point where I could barely walk. It was nearly impossible for me to complete a normal day's work. I was becoming concerned whether or not I could continue to work. After approximately the second week of decompression therapy I noticed more comfortable sleep, I was able to sleep all night. I also noticed less pain while walking. After the third week the back pain was non existent. As I continued through the rest of the therapy the pain in my left leg subsided to more irritation. I find that since I've completed the therapy that my symptoms continue to improve.

If I didn't improve beyond this point I could still give only the highest praise and recommendation for the DRX decompression therapy, Dr. Lavell and the entire staff, they have my deepest thanks and admiration. I would also like to add that the choice to complete the DRX decompression was one of the hardest of my life and I am so glad I chose to follow through with it. I once again have a life! I can work! I can sleep! I can live!

-Alan Hammill

"Let me start by saying a big "thank you"
Spinal Decompression of Minnesota reviewI came to you with 2 herniated discs and a compression fracture. My pain was constant and my activities were restricted.
I have to say that I was very skeptical about being able to be helped with your DRX-9000 program. All the while being concerned about my ability to function in the future, and I thought ending up in a wheel chair was a distinct possibility. Fast forward a few months and I am more or less pain free. My stamina has increased substantially and my flexibility has improved as well. By the way thanks to your treatment plan I am back on my bike!

- Sharon Palas

"I am now playing 18 holes of golf and have returned to all of my previous activities."
Spinal Decompression of Minnesota user experience Prior to coming to Dr. Hathaway I experienced severe low back pain and left leg pain for about one year.  I was using a walker and a cane.  Three epidurals provided very limited relief.  After my DRX 9000 decompression treatments I have very little left side or back pain and now have full rang of motion again.  I am now playing 18 holes of golf and have returned to all of my previous activities!

- Joel Michel

"The DRX 9000 drastically improved my mobility, health and quality of life. The treatment was easy, cost effective and most importantly, IT WORKED!"
Spinal Decompression of Minnesota user experience I have been working at a very strenuous, physical job for almost 20 years. I began having symptoms about 9 yrs ago which finally came to a head when I was diagnosed with a herniation and two bulging discs in my lower back. It was recommended to me by a regular "doctor" to have surgery. I believed this would have resulted in extreme pain, an extensive amount of time off from work, expensive procedures and painful therapy. I decided spinal decompression with the DRX 9000 was the best option for me. The treatment was easy, cost effective and most importantly, IT WORKED! I am once again able to do the things I love to do, playing in the garage, weight lifting, going for a walk in the neighborhood and playing soccer with our son. I don't believe any of this would have been possible if I had gone with "traditional" surgery treatment. The DRX 9000 drastically improved my mobility, health and quality of life. I would highly recommend this treatment and have already suggested it to friends, family and coworkers.

- Andrew Kasen

 "I had low back pain and a herniated disc was found on MRI. I'd had back pain for 8 years, it varied form a 5-9 out of 10 scale. I tried everything short of surgery-MD's (3), PT's (3), back pain specialist (1), chiropractor's (4), numerous prescriptions, massages, acupuncture, and all with very little help. Chiropractors kept me out of excruciating pain, but couldn't quite solve the problem. My reservations with decompression were mostly financial, but I also knew that It might be my only hope short of surgery, and I wasn't going to let anyone cut off my disc. I did my research of the offices in the Twin Cites that offer Spinal Decompression, and found Spinal Decompression Of Minnesota to be not only the most affordable, but most friendly and also most accommodating. Nothing else I've tried and I've tried just about everything has worked as well. Thank you SFC!

- Brenda Baum

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